Effective Counseling

Many clients have asked “How can I evaluate a good lawyer?”  It’s a good question, the problem is the answer isn’t easy.  What are some of the qualities a prospective client should seek out in an attorney?

  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Communication
  • Familiarity with the system
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Empathy

These are some of the things a person should look for, the problem is how to learn if the attorney you’re speaking to has these qualities.  One new resource is Avvo.com, it is a site that allows people to ask legal questions, and research and review attorneys.  The site is independently operated and client reviews are verified.  This resource gives a person the ability to research attorneys and see past client reviews.  Client reviews can be quite helpful as they give a prospective client an idea of how an attorney interacts and how well he or she communicates.

My philosophy concentrates on a two pronged approach in defending a case.  The first is to put my client in the best position possible for a favorable plea disposition to be extended by the prosecutor.  The Second is to vigorously work the case and explore any and all factual and legal exploits that are presented.  This approach is important because critically reviewing a case puts one in a stronger position when seeking a favorable plea.  It also prepares one for the potential of going to trial and possibly can result in the discovering new evidence that could potentially lead to reduced charges or even a dismissal.

Some question prospective clients should ask:

“How many trials have you done?” – Over 100.
“What types of trials have you done?” –Petty Offence to First Degree Murder.
“How long have you been practicing?” – Over twelve years.

“What are some of your more recent case results?

People v. Diaz- attempted murder: Not guilty all counts;
People v. Martin Assault/Harassment/Damage to Property: Not guilty all counts.
People v. Gamiochipi Assault/Harassment: Not guilty all counts
People v. Packwood DUID: Not guilty DUID, Guilty tail light violation