DUI Defense in Denver, CO

DUI Defense is a very specialized area of practice, in some cases the science and specialized knowledge required of competent counsel are greater then those necessary for a murder case.  Counsel must be knowledgeable in the area of administrative law to deal with hearing at the DMV, the science of a gas chromatograph concerning blood testing, the science of the breath testing equipment, the legal procedure required under the law for an arrest to stand up and all of the attendant statutes and caselaw to be able to effectively argue on behalf of your client’s in court.

As a former prosecutor who served for almost ten years, I was able to specialize in this type of case as a member of the vehicular homicide unit at the district attorney office.  I was the prosecutor who trained others on how to effectively prepare and try these cases.  This knowledge would be put to work for any client I represent as I will be able to critically review a case and find the procedural and legal issue that other may miss either due to inexperience or lack of knowledge.