Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver, CO

When you are charged with domestic violence, even if you believe the charges are false, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Charges can range from relatively mild criminal mischief to various assault charges, each carrying jail time and serious fines.

Domestic Violence: Often False Charges

Unfortunately, it is fairly common for former intimate partners or spouses going through a divorce to file a complaint. Once a complaint has been filed, the “victim” no longer has the decision as to whether or not to follow through with the complaint. Some of the charges you could be facing include:

  • Criminal mischief– these charges can be for something as simple as tossing a cell phone or hitting a wall. There does not have to be direct contact with the victim for you to face these charges. Penalties can range from fines to time in prison depending on your prior history.
  • 1stDegree Assault – a conviction of this Class III felony could result in a mandatory jail sentence of not less than 10 years. These charges would be filed if the victim suffered serious bodily injury and there was a dangerous weapon used during the assault.
  • 2ndDegree Assault – a conviction of this Class IV felony is based on the prosecution proving either serious bodily injury or use of a deadly weapon you could be facing jail time of up to 16 years for this Class IV felony if convicted.
  • 3rdDegree Assault – while classified as a misdemeanor charge, the consequences of a conviction include up to two years’ jail time.

Domestic violence charges should never be taken lightly as they can potentially cost you your employment, your freedom, as well as your right to own a firearm. Anytime you are facing any domestic violence charges in Denver CO it is imperative you contact a criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Benjamin Hartford 303-991-5757.