Civil Rights Attorney in Denver, CO

When I was a prosecutor I was sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, as a lawyer I took the same oath after passing the bar.  I feel very strongly about individual rights and while I believe by in large law enforcement is there to protect us, there are times where they violate the rights of citizens.  The law is a force to be used to protect those who cannot protect themselves, when it comes to abuses or excessive force used by the police I have no tolerance for this and will stand up to the police, city, county, state or federal government on a client’s behalf if their rights have been violated.  As a former prosecutor I have an understanding of how the system works and how law enforcement operates.  This understanding and experience can be used to critically review cases where force has been applied and potential violations have occurred.  It is an area of law that I am very passionate about as our forefathers fought and died for an idea that secured the rights of the individual.