Charges can Happen to Anyone

Just because a person is charged with a crime doesn’t mean they are guilty, it doesn’t mean they will be convicted, in fact all it means is that the state has alleged a crime has been committed.  Every person is presumed innocent under the law.  This is a uniquely American concept and one of the foundations of what makes our legal system one of the greatest in the world.

I have had clients who have been charged with serious crimes, these clients were innocent and through hard work, investigation, and a dogged commitment to my clients I was able to demonstrate either to District Attorney or to a jury that some of my clients were innocent.

This fact confirms two things to me, one sometimes the government gets it wrong.  Second, it is vitally important to choose the right attorney for your case.  The right attorney can mean the difference between a conviction, substantial punitive sanctions (Jail etc.), loss of job, loss of license, loss of freedom.

I am committed to putting the work in on your case to obtain a favorable result.  No attorney can promise a result.  (If they do run the other way).  I can promise that I will use all my resources, experience, knowledge and skill to represent you and to attempt to get the most favorable result possible in your case.

The Constitution provides a right to counsel, exercise that right and choose the right attorney for the job.